Distona AG supports RSPO certified raw materials

What do you think of when you hear the word palm oil? Maybe you are thinking about deforestation. The cultivation of palm oil has undoubtedly led to the loss of valuable ecosystems and the suffering of many people in many places. Palm oil is both a curse and a blessing. The oil palm provides a very high quality oil and, depending on the source, produces three to ten times more yield per area than rapeseed or sunflowers. A complete replacement of palm oil with other vegetable oils would therefore be ecologically senseless. Well-known environmental organizations are therefore committed to the sustainable production of palm oil. To this end, the organization Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) was founded in an initiative of the WWF, which brings producers, NGOs, government representatives and other important stakeholders from the palm oil industry together to promote an environmentally and socially responsible production.


Distona AG has become a member of RSPO this year and has obtained the license to trade with RSPO certified products. This is important because many products based on palm oil are also manufactured in the chemical industry. Palm oil is usually split into its components (glycerin and fatty acids) and converted into various substances.


We are happy that we can contribute to a sustainable future. Help us too by consciously making your purchase decisions and choosing RSPO-certified products.



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