Vink Chemicals and Distona – A success story takes its course

Established in 2011 as a mid-sized family owned company, VINK CHEMICALS GmbH & Co. KG provides solutions for your challenges in the fields of technical preservation and oilfield chemicals – worldwide and from a single source.
Our application-oriented product portfolio includes an extensive selection of technical biocidal active ingredients and biocide formulations. Through our complementary product range focusing on “Oilfield & Fuel Treatment”, “System Cleaning” und “Specialty Chemicals”, we offer our customers individual solutions in the following industries:


Paint and coatings industry

Oil and gas industry

Water treatment industry

Adhesive industry

Chemicals industry

Paper industry

Textile and leather industry

Cooling lubricants industry

Construction industry

Detergent, cleaning agent and disinfectant industry


VINK CHEMICALS has modern storage facilities for hazardous goods and its own production facilities that meet the latest standards. At our production sites in Northern Germany and Bavaria, we develop and formulate individual solutions together with our customers.
Over 100 specialists worldwide are responsible for the production facilities, sales, raw material purchasing, product development and quality control in our own laboratory.


Microbiological tests & laboratory analysis
VINK CHEMICALS offers you the entire range of microbiological analysis, including qualitative and quantitative microbial identification, sterility tests and various analyses of microbial contamination. We use classical procedures for analysis of contamination and biocide efficacy in accordance with the diverse international standards. Time-proven quick methods for microbiological tests are also available.
Our lab experts help you to determine the stability of our biocide formulation in your product and to find the optimal solution for your application.


Technical consultation and regulatory support
Technical consultation is an integral part of our customer service. We support your product development with respect to the selection and utilisation of biocides and cooperate with you to find the best solutions for your specific task. This includes plant hygiene, toxicology, ecotoxicology, regulatory issues, and all aspects of the correct, efficient and economical use of biocides.


We are also happy to advise you on regulatory issues and ensure compliance with the applicable laws, directives and regulations, as well as the required applications, registrations and certifications.


VINK CHEMICALS – a Team with our Customer.


Wherever there is moisture and a potential food source, there is a risk of microbial growth. Many sites, processes and products offer ideal conditions for microbial growth. This can result in threats to human and animal health, enormous economic losses, product shortages and hygiene problems. Biocides are therefore essential for modern industrial production to extend product life and protect personnel and equipment. Biocides reduce the consumption of energy and natural resources and the generation of waste, thereby generating both economic and social benefits.


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