Distona AG – Current market and supply situation for commodities

Dear business partners


Surely you have noticed that the market situation in various commodity sectors is currently extremely tense.


In addition to supply bottlenecks caused mainly by delivery/transport restrictions from Asia and production problems experienced by some manufacturers in Europe, massive price increases in some cases are causing turbulence on the commodities markets.


In addition, the unknown development of the COVID-19 pandemic is causing uncertainty.


From our portfolio, the following suppliers/products are currently at least partially affected by long delivery times/delivery bottlenecks:


  • Huntsman/Suprasec®

  • Tronox/Tiona®


  • Chimcomplex/Petol®

  • Light stabilisers, antioxidants, optical brighteners/Asian sources of supply


For these products, early planning of requirements and notification to us is necessary in order to continue to guarantee security of supply. A lead time of at least 8 weeks is to be planned.


Despite the tense situation, it is important to remain calm and to refrain from stockpiling/panic buying. This is not target-oriented with regard to all other consumers and further aggravates the supply situation.


We are convinced that the situation in many areas will ease in the coming months.


Distona AG will give priority to supplying already active customers with the affected commodities if the shortage persists. In addition, we will inform all customers proactively and completely about the delivery situation.


We do everything we can to be a competent and reliable partner for our stakeholders.


We would like to thank you for your confidence in Distona AG and are looking forward to our further cooperation.


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