Acrylic Monomers

Brochure Acrylic Monomers

Aluminum Compounds

Brochure Alucom
Brochure Aluminiumhydroxide

Bio-Based Solvents

Brochure Bio-Based Solvents


Brochure Commodities

Fatty Acid Derivatives

– Ester
– Lubricants
– Stearates

Brochure Ester
Brochure Lubricants
Brochure Stearates


– Calcium Carbonate
– Talc
– Barium Sulfate
– Aluminium Hydroxide
– Glass

Brochure Nigtas
Brochure Aluminium Hydroxide
Brochure Expanded Glass (Stiklo Poras)

Waxes and Oils

– Vegetal Waxes and Oils
– Oxidized Waxes
– Wax Additives

Brochure Oils und Waxes
Brochure Ceronas
Brochure Euroceras
Brochure Ultralube
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