01.04.2019 Distona AG signs distributor agreement with TROVOtech for the Swiss market

TROVOtech manufactures a unique range of porous glass particles used as functional additives in polymer formulations. These chemically and physically modified particles help to optimize specific plastics properties.
They are manufactured from glass foam produced in a proprietary high-temperature extrusion process.  TROVO®powder is available in a wide-ranging product portfolio including halogen and phosphorous-free
flame retardant systems combining TROVO®powder B with melamine cyanurate or phosphorous compounds.

Silver and zinc-doped TROVO®guard and copper-doped TROVO®cup particles provide antimicrobial protection in plastics, paints and fibres.

When used in plastics formulations, TROVO®powder brings about improved physical properties as compared to conventional additives.

TROVOtech as the manufacturer and Distona Ltd as distributor look forward to a successful cooperation.

14.12.2018 NEW – Distona offers basic raw materials and at the same time expands its team

Distona Ltd. is expanding and is now offering its customers a broad portfolio of basic raw materials.

Quickly and easily find on our clear product page your desired raw material.

Our lean organization and direct communication channels provide you with timely and competent information from our specialists.

In addition, our company has recruited additional personnel to support the basic raw materials sales:

Mr. Rainer Lamprecht has been working for us since October 1, 2018 and looks forward to your inquiries at:


In this sense: Distona AG – our raw materials, your success!

03.10.2018 Visit us at the technology day of the SVLFC in Rapperswil

On 24th October 2018, the technical day of the SVLFC will take place at the HSR in Rapperswil.

The company Distona will be there as an exhibitor and hold three exciting lectures on the following topics:

  • Substrate wetting presented by Michael Jakob, CHT GmbH
  • Use of biological solvents presented by David Nipkow, Distona AG

We are looking forward to your visit!

More information about the event can be found at:

18.06.2018 Bio-Based Solvents – Enabling Green Chemistry with our AstroBio™ product range


Distona AG and Liberty Chemicals srl, Italy ( have signed a distribution agreement to market the AstroBio ™ product portfolio in Switzerland.

The company Distona responds to a customer need, which is steadily growing. Legislators are continually tightening up the regulations governing the handling of chemicals and their labeling. The chemical industry is burdened with very high expectations in order to develop more and more environmentally friendly products. Consumers, environmental organizations and policymakers are calling for new solutions to protect people and the environment.

AstroBio Brochure

This unstoppable trend is not to your disadvantage, but to your chance !

We look forward to advising you on choosing the right products.

11.05.2018 N-Methyl-2-Pyrrolidone (NMP) is Listed in REACH Annex XVII


NMP was listed on 18th April, 2018 in the REACH Annex XVII, which now entails far-reaching restrictions.

If the restrictions can not be met, the use of NMP is prohibited as of 9th May 2020.

We recommend our customers to switch to the bio-based solvent AstroBio NS ™.




We will gladly advise you on the technical implementation.


06.04.2018 Kimix Iron Oxide Pigments

We are pleased to be able to offer you the iron oxide pigments from Kimix Chemical Co Ltd in the Swiss market.

Please find further information in the Brochure KIMIX Iron Oxide Pigments.

We look forward to your inquiry.

11.12.2017 Acquisition of Prom Chem EMEA business by Vink Chemicals

Vink Chemicals GmbH & Co Germany has acquired certain segments of the Prom Chem Ltd business. The acquisition includes the sales territories Europe, Middle East and Africa. In addition, Vink Chemicals has acquired the rights to the Promex ™ brand and its formulations. Promex ™ products complement the existing portfolio of Vinkocide ™ biocide formulations.

Distona AG is pleased to be able to exclusively offer both strong brands in the Swiss market.

Vink Chemicals GmbH & Co. KG – Producer and service provider for technical preservation

The company from Kakenstorf in Lower Saxony offers everything from a single source: over 100 biocide formulations based on approx. 21 biocidal active ingredients and an all-in-one service with laboratory service, research and development, raw material procurement, logistics and regulatory advice and support. The focus of the biocidal development, in addition to the effectiveness and ease of use is also on the topic labeling.

Make biocide use more efficient: how to effectively reduce biofilm formation

The basis for the effective use of biocides is the individual on-site hygiene consultation of the Vink expert team. An optimal operational hygiene will help to reduce the use of biocides. This saves costs and protects the environment. This includes combating harmful biofilms in production facilities. For this, Vink Chemicals offers the system cleaners Vinkocide SR1 and SR3. They are used depending on materials, operating parameters and level of infestation and serve to flush the production facilities regularly. Properly selected and used, the system cleaners ensure that even less germ contamination prevails in the production processes. On this basis, the required biocide product preservation formulations can be used efficiently.

04.10.2017 FOMREZ® – Organotin Catalysts from Galata Chemicals

Distona is now offering organotin catalysts from the company Galata which are sold by the tradename FOMREZ®.

We are looking forward to your inquiry

16.06.2017 Additives for the highest demands – CHT R. Beitlich GmbH

The CHT/BEZEMA group headquartered in Tübingen, Germany is a very successful chemical company with 22 subsidiaries world-wide.
As a manufacturer of additives and specialty chemicals for the paints and coatings market the CHT/BEZEMA group enriches the processes and products of their customers with innovative high performance solutions.
CHT additives optimize the properties and ensure a steady performance of end-user products with respect to hydrophobizing, functional surface coating, rheology, defoamers and deareators as well as substrate wetting agents.
With Distona a flexible and competent partner was found to cover the distribution in the Swiss market with immediate effect.
Please find some product information in the brochures below :

Brochure paints & coatings
Silicone additives make the difference

05.06.2017 Pigment Pastes and Tinting Solutions by CEAC AG

Distona AG is happy to present a new partner in the Swiss market for providing pigment pastes and tinting solutions.
Ceac AG was established in 1999 in Basel, five years after successful operation within a big chemical swiss group. Nowadays Ceac AG operates in more than 50 countries and have largely expended their production capacities.
More than a Tinting Systems supplier, Ceac AG is considered as a partner by our numerous customers to support them with full turn key Tinting Concepts and expertise to promote their sales of Decorative, facade paints and industrial coatings but also as a production partner of specific colorants. The core activities of Ceac AG are focusing on so called “Advanced Tinting Systems” comprising:

  • production of new generation of Tinting Pastes for In Plant Tinting and Point Of Sales.
  • development of Software package for manual, automatic dispensers and In Plant Tinting.
  • development of appropriated colour fan decks to promote adequate paint characteristics.

    The Advanced Tinting Systems of Ceac AG , consists of the optimal selection of pigment pastes from our 4 different ranges of colorants:

    Universal , Water-based , Facade and Industrial
    Please find below the following brochures:

Industrial Paints
High Performance, water-based
Decorative, water-based

01.05.2017 Plasticizers from ARKIM KIMYA SANAYI A.S.

Arkim Kimya entered the chemicals sector by providing the plasticizer producers active in the chemi­cals sector with raw materials. With a decision made in 1994, the D.O.P. production was started with an annual production of 3.000 Tonnes.
In accordance with increasing demands of plasticizer production, Arkim Kimya increased its capacity to 36.000 MT Tonnes per annum.
Responding to the ever increasing global demand for Phthalate-free plasticizers, Arkim Kimya increased its R&D efforts in this regard. At the current state, Arkim Kimya continues to serve with a total of 6000 m2 enclosed area, with 3000 m2 dedicated to D.O.P. , 3.000 m2 dedicated to Arfleks (Phthalate-free) and D.O.A. in two separate facilities.
Distona AG is more than happy to supply the plasticizers from Arkim Kimya into the Swiss market.
Please find some product information in the brochure below:


05.03.2017 Tronox Announces Definitive Agreement to Acquire Cristal TiO(2) Business

The acquisiton of Cristal leads to the formation of the world’s largest manufacturer of the white pigment titanium dioxide reaching a production capacity of 1’323 kMT/Y which approximately equals 15% of the global capacity. The transaction is planned to be closed by the first quarter of 2018.
The companies Tronox and Cristal both run their own titanium ore mines and have a high degree of backward integration. As a result, even after the acquisition, 85% of the demand for titanium ore can be self-supplied.
As Tronox’ official distribution partner in the Swiss market we are convinced that this step will bring a considerable added value to our customers.
Please find further information by clicking on the linck below:

11.07.2016 Rowis – Open Time Extenders and Defoamers / Antifoaming Agents

Distona AG and the Polish additive manufacturer Rowis-System sp.j decided a cooperation for Germany, Austria, Liechtenstein and Switzerland.
Rowis produces a broad range of open time extenders under the brand name „Romiksol” for pasty plasters and dispersion paints. The additives reduce the formation of cracks and pinholes and improve the processability of the products. All Romiksol products are VOC-free. Furthermore Rowis produces defoamers/antifoaming agents for a wide range of applications. Rowis is always ready to offer customer-related solutions.
Below you will find some brochures – for more details please get in contact with us.

Open Time Extenders
Defoamers / Antifoaming Agents
Romiksol Paints & Plasters
Romiksol MX5030

We would be glad to assist you: Contact

08.11.2015 CINIC Chemicals (Shanghai) Co. Ltd.

CINIC Chemicals (Shanghai) Co.Ltd. is as a global supplier of high quality, high performance organic pigments to the Coatings, Specialty Inks and Plastics markets. The Cinilex® brand, through the products:

Cinilex® DPP Red SR1C, Cinilex® DPP Red SR2P and Cinilex® DPP Red ST (PR254)
Cinilex® DPP Rubine SR5H and Cinilex® DPP Rubine SR6T (PR264)
Cinilex® Red SR3C and Cinilex® Red SR4C (PR177)
Cinilex® Yellow SY1H and Cinilex® Yellow SY1HP (PY110)
Cinilex® Yellow SY2T and Cinilex® Yellow SY2TN (PY110)
Cinilex® Yellow SY3C and Cinilex Yellow SY3CN (PY139)
Cinilex® Yellow SQY (PY109)
Cinilex® DPP Orange SJ1C (PO73)
Cinilex® Orange SJ3H (PY139/PR255)

is now established as a well recognised brand for use in Automotive, Industrial and decorative paints, inks and plastics applications.
With ISO 9001 and 14001 certified “state of the art” manufacturing plants in both Shanghai and Taixing, China, CINIC Chemicals (Shanghai)Co.Ltd. offers a portfolio of high value colouring solutions to its global customers. Supplying in excess of 4000 tonnes PR254 to the global market, CINIC Chemicals(Shanghai) Co.Ltd. is market leader in this sector.

Standardisation for the Coatings, Ink and Plastics Industries
With the ever increasing pressure for paint formulators to move away from Lead and Molybdate based colorants for Industrial paint applications combined with the new possibilities in both coatings , inks and plastics to reformulate away from traditional organic red colorants such as Napthol Red , formulations based specifically on Cinilex® DPP Red SR1C, Cinilex® DPP Red SR2P, Cinilex® Yellow SY1H, Cinilex® Yellow SY3C, Cinilex® Yellow SY3CN and Cinilex® DPP Orange SJ3H offer the customer the possibility of achieving high chroma shades and a balance of outstanding technical performance: opacity, weatherfastness, heat stability, over paint resistance and freedom from migration in addition to reduced coloration cost.

Global Reach
CINIC Chemicals (Shanghai)Co.Ltd., has a strong presence globally through its European subsidiary, CINIC Chemicals Europe Sàrl, based in The Alsace Region of France, CINIC Chemicals America LLC, in Pittsburgh and its network of Local Selling Partners throughout the world. Distona AG , based in Rapperswil-Jona, is our exclusive Local Selling Partner in Switzerland offering local supply and support to the valued Swiss customers.

06.08.2015 ipox chemicals GmbH – new innovative products!

Experts in proven epoxy technologies and development of lasting solutions for novel applications

ipox chemicals GmbH brings you a well established range of glycidyl ethers, epoxy hardeners and epoxy resins combined with specialized, tailor-made epoxy technologies for individual applications.
When need be, ipox chemicals can adjust any product so that it fits your needs exactly. Let four decades of experience work for you, too.
Their unbureaucratic decision making process allows for fast reaction and maximum flexibility.
Modern facilities of varying sizes enables the production of flexible quantities between 50 kg and 20 tonnes. An ISO 9001-certified company, ipox chemicals had been supplying high-quality products for over 15 years.

Dr. Georg Göttle, CEO of ipox chemicals:
We develop a customized product that matches your specifications exactly. We produce it efficiently so as to offer even small quantities at a fair price and to the highest standards. And the product will arrive on time. For ipox, that’s all part of the package. For you, the client, that means the best possible solution for your needs.
Link to the new brochure

17.03.2015 Ein vielversprechender Partner aus dem Osten

Die Oceanchem Group Limited wurde 1950 gegründet und ist ein einzigartiges, staatliches Unternehmen, welches grosse Mengen an Bromsalzen aus den natürlichen, unterirdischen Gewässern von Weifang fördert und weiterverarbeitet.
Durch den Überfluss an natürlichen Rohstoffen wurden die Gruppe führender Lieferant von Flammschutzmitteln, Kunststoffadditiven, pharmazeutischen Intermediaten und Wasserbehand- lungschemikalien in China. Nach mehr als sechzig Jahren Erfahrung in der chemischen Industrie von Bromsalzen und Phosphaten, wirft die Oceanchem nun ein Auge auf den internationalen Markt und findet eine Partnerschaft mit der Distona AG. Ihre hochwerigen Flammschutzmittel werden nun in der ganzen Schweiz erhältlich sein.
Das chinesische Unternehmen hat seinen Wert als Lieferant mit Engineering-Erfahrung, dem Drang zur Entwicklung von innovativen Produkten und dem regionalen Standortvorteil bewiesen. Die Oceanchem ist bemüht ihre Produkte von der Gewinnung bis zum Endprodukt sicher, verantwortungsvoll und nachhaltig zu bewirtschaften.

02.01.2015 Tronox Titanium Dioxide

A Brighter Future – From the Ground Up

Tronox Pigments B.V. has decided to partner with Distona AG as distributor in the Swiss Market. Tronox is the world’s largest fully integrated producer of titanium ore and TiO2, mining and processing enough titanium feedstock to meet all of its capacity needs.
Tronox’ titanium dioxide (TiO2) pigments add brightness and durability to paints, plastics, paper, and other everyday products.


EVERBERG, Belgium – The Polyurethanes division of Huntsman Corporation has formalized a new arrangement with Distona AG.
The two companies have signed an initial one-year deal that will see Distona AG, distribute Huntsman’s SUPRASEC® methylene diphenyl diisocyanate (MDI) to (amongst others) adhesive, coating and elastomer formulators across Switzerland.
Mr David Nipkow, Managing Director of Distona AG, said: “Chemistry is our passion and we are delighted to work with the team at Huntsman. We are a dynamic company, building its reputation for handling chemicals in a safe, responsible way, offering formulators across a range of markets absolute security of supply. That’s why companies such as Huntsman choose to work with us.” Mr Alfred Rasche, Sales Manager at Huntsman, said: “Having a clear route to market is essential and enables us to do what we do best – create new polyurethane-based chemistries to add value across a wide range of markets and applications. Over the years we have built up a robust network of distributors in core territories around the world. Experts in their own rights these intermediaries know how to make the most of our products and maximize sales. We are pleased to formalize our arrangements with Distona AG and look forward to a long lasting strategic partnership.“ Distona AG will distribute Huntsman’s products from its warehouse Lanz Transporte AG in Huttwil, Switzerland.

30.08.2014 Prom Chem – Our new biocide supplier

Prom Chem is a private and independent company, a global manufacturer and supplier of biocides with over 40 years of experience in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry. Prom Chem is based in UK and we have subsidiary offices in US and China.
Our company’s unique strength in chemistry has made Prom Chem the major producer of the important industrial biocide active 1,2-Benzisothiazolin-3-one (BIT), which we have been supplying to biocide formulators for many years. During the past ten years we have developed a new business area as biocide formulator and we are today in a position to offer a very broad range of biocide formulations aimed at several industry sectors such as coatings, the paper industry, adhesives, leather, building and construction materials, mineral slurry, homecare products and metal-working fluids.
To the products of Prom Chem.

Innovative technologies in VOC-free and eco-friendly biocide formulations for dry film and in-can preservatives are used in countless industrial applications. Working closely with our customers both scientifically and commercially is of fundamental important to us. It is this combination of technical expertise and customer focus that has enabled Prom Chem to become an important supplier of Biocides. A wide international network of agents and distributors ensures that our customers worldwide receive optimum local support. Customer-focused biocide solutions and our broad Promex range – which includes the new Promex Alpha formulation technology – make Prom Chem an unique company. Prom Chem is committed to ongoing investment in manufacturing, product development and regulatory compliance.
Prom Chem thrive on research and development of not only our biocide formulations but also in novel testing methods. In collaboration with Metrica.Bio Ltd we have developed a novel technology, the PROMEX 4200 Micro-Respirometer, that enables rapid and real-time analysis of aerobic bacteria and biocide efficacy within 30 minutes.
The PROMEX 4200 Micro-Respirometer is a cost-effective, rapid, real-time device that can quantitatively measure total aerobic microbial contamination in aqueous raw material and end-products. The detection levels are as low as 102 bacteria with results obtained within 30 minutes; this also enables the user to measure the effectiveness of a biocide, optimize the volume required to control the level of bacteria and the speed of response to the addition of a biocide. We are offering this complimentary equipment to our potential customers as a part of our technical support.
Prom Chem has supported its biocide active in relation to the BPD (European Biocidal Product Directive) as well as the American EPA. We have established a network of distributors in many major markets and today we are supplying our Promex biocides to all major markets including Europe; Asia; Middle East; Africa and the USA.