Acrylic Monomers

Brochure Acrylic Monomers


Brochure Antioxidants


Brochure Biocides
Brochure Diesel Preservation


Brochure Commodities

Fatty Acid Derivatives

– Ester
– Lubricants
– Stearates

Brochure Ester
Brochure Lubricants
Brochure Stearates


– Calcium Carbonate
– Talc
– Barium Sulfate
– Aluminium Hydroxide
– Glass

Brochure Nigtas
Brochure Aluminium Hydroxide
Brochure Expanded Glass (Stiklo Poras)

Flame Retardants

– Halogenated Flame Retardants
– Halogenated Flame Retardants

Brochure Flame Retardants

Hindered Amine Light Stabilizers (HALS)

Brochure HALS

MDI Methylendiphenyldiisocyanate

Brochure 1K Primer
Brochure Huntsman MDI Overview
Brochure Polybutadiene PU Prepolymeres

Optical Brightener

Brochure Optical Brighteners

Permanent Antistatic Agents


– Organic Pigments Red to Yellow
– Organic Pigments Green, Blue to Violet
– Titanium Dioxide for Coatings
– Titanium Dioxide for Plastics
– Iron Oxide Pigments

Brochure Cinic Plastics
Brochure Navpad
Brochure Tronox Coatings
Brochure Tronox Plastics
Brochure Kimix Iron Oxide Pigments


Plasticizer Distona AG


– Polyetherpolyols
– Polyether- /Polyesterpolyols based on renewable raw materials

Brochure Neukapol
Brochure Chimcomplex

PVC Additives

– Foam Regulators
– Impact Modifiers
– Processing Aids

Brochure Presentation
Brochure Foam Regulators
Brochure Acrylic Impact Modifier
Brochure Comparison Products
Brochure Unique Products

Silicon Additives

– Defoamers
– Adhesion Promoter
– Water Repellents
– Substrate Wetting Agents
– Flow and Surface Additives

Brochure Silikonadditive Silcona


Brochure UV-Absorbers

Waxes and Oils

– Vegetal Waxes and Oils
– Oxidized Waxes
– Wax Additives

Brochure Oils und Waxes
Brochure Ceronas
Brochure Euroceras
Brochure Ultralube
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