Paints and Varnishes

FOMREZ organotin catalysts

– Adhesion Promoters and Cross Linking Agents
– Cycloaliphatic Epoxy Resins
– Epoxy Hardeners
– Modified Epoxy Resins
– Reactive Diluting Agent
– Water-emulsifiable Epoxy Hardeners
– Water-emulsifiable Epoxy Resins

Brochure Epoxide Technologies

– Ester
– Lubricants
– Stearates

– Calcium Carbonate
– Talc
– Barium Sulfate
– Aluminium Hydroxide

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Brochure Aluminium Hydroxide

– Organic Pigments – Cinic Chemicals Europe Sarl
– Organic Pigments – Navpad Pigments
– Pigment Carbon Black – Anhui Black Cat

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Brochure Cinic Plastics
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Brochure Pigment Carbon Black – Anhui Black Cat

– Titanium Dioxide – Tronox Pigments
– Durovan®– Bismutvanadat pigments – Habich GmbH
– Ultramarin blue/violet – Habich GmbH
– Habirox®– synthetically produced iron oxide pigments and chrome oxide  pigments – Habich GmbH
– Duromineral®– high quality chrome yellow pigments – Habich GmbH

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Brochure Duropal
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Brochure Duroblend
Brochure Ultramarine
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– Pigments Corrosion Pigments – Habich Gmbh

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Brochure Habicor-FRI

– Reactive Pastes – Altropol Kunststoff GmbH

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– Polyetherpolyols – CHIMCOMPLEX S.A.
– Polyether- /Polyesterpolyols based on renewable raw materials – Altropol Kunststoff GmbH

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Brochure Chimcomplex

– Cellulose Ether
– Guar Ether
– Xanthan Gum

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